Epic Slash

The most intense VR Beat 'em All


Two swords are all you need

A giant monster endangers our planet. You'll have to fight many monsters to get strong enough to defeat this boss.

Epic Slash is an intense VR Beat 'em all where you'll have to slash waves of monsters, dodge flying projectiles and fire bullets on distant targets. For the moment, only HTC Vive is supported but compatibility with the other main headsets is planned.



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Available now in very very early access v0.1 MVP

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This project was born from the Virtual Game Jam 2016 (FR). The theme was "Déjà ?" (Already?). We decided to make a Beat 'em All with a very fast progression. During the final show, the first stage was passed after killing only one spider.

Afterward, some team members decided to carry on the development. We kept the idea of progression with the massive growth of the player during the game (from ant size to planet size). Some incoming features:

  • New starter classes
  • New Mods and maps
  • Multiplayer
  • Monsters behaviour enhancement
  • More monsters & bosses
  • Stuff to drop
  • Other VR headsets support

During the Game Jam, the team was composed of 3 devs, 2 3D animators and a Sound designer. Currently, we're 3 official developers and any help is welcome. The credits can be found on the README file.

We are especially in need of a 3D Animator and a community manager.